Tasting with Wine Lover Club

Sybarit Box | Catas Wine Lover Club

Sybaritbox knows that a real sybarite has no timetables, for that we would like to offer you our recorded tastings to enjoy them at any moment.

We will select three wines or cavas and our sommelier will record a video with the tasting, so you will be able to enjoy it any time you want.

You just need to have near you any device to plug the pend drive that will be included in the box with the bottles, some glasses and your chosen company.

No time tables, no rush, you can pause the video if you want to comment with your gests, to finish your wine glass, to go for a bit of cheese, and play it again when you’ll be ready. Nothing more suitable to your interests!

Standard videos are recorded in Spanish, please ask for your video to be recorded in English.

Enjoy your tasting at the moment you chose!