Sybarit Box - Golden Moments - Botella cava con oro Xade envuelta en Furoshiki lunaresSybarit Box - Golden Moments - Botella cava con oro Xade envuelta en Furoshiki lunares

Bottle of Cava with gold Xade wrapped in Furoshiki dots

1 Bottle of 75cl – Cava with Gold Xade.

1 Furoshiki dots. Random colors.


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“Cava” with gold Xade

Cava Xade. 75cl Bottle.

Xade is the crown jewel of Dantani Drinks: the only drink that combines classic cava with pure gold, two ingredients unmatched in quality.

The cava is produced by the traditional method using Perellada, Xarel·lo and Macabeu grapes from the Penedés region; it is aged for 36 months, infusing it with subtle notes of oak, ripe fruit, nuts, and a lingering citrus finish.

Gold, as the mineral par excellence, imbues the wine with a sense of luxury and spectacle, without altering its basic properties. Moreover, few are aware that gold possesses beneficial properties for the human body, increasing nerve conductivity, revitalizing tissues, and improving the absorption of other minerals.


Furoshiki is an ancient wrapping Japanese art.

This technique allows wrapping and transporting all kinds of objects with a square-shaped fabric.

The furoshiki was born in the “ofuro“, traditional baths, where the assistants used square fabrics to wrap their belongings. At present, this type of wrapping is used for all types of packages or bottles.

For centuries, these wrappers were a family treasure and one of the most beautiful textile representations of the refinement of Japanese applied arts. Their designs and techniques are a reflection of different styles, places and historical times, customs and crafts of Japan. Today they find an update in fashion and recycling, offering enormous possibilities for creative people to rediscover their role.

The advantage of these scarves is their versatility, which allows you to present a gift in an original and ecological way that you can later reuse to wrap another gift, to make a bag, to use as a tablecloth, or to wear as a handkerchief or belt.