Emocionarte de Carlos del Amor and Naltres

What is in the box:

  • 1 book: Emocionarte, Carlos del Amor. (Spanish).
  • 1 botle of wine: Naltres, Cooperativa l’Olivera. Costers del Segre.
  • 1 bookmark with the explanation of the pairing

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“Paintings have many lives. That is the premise of this book. A painting hides a true story, or a curiosity, that we do not normally read on the billboards that each museum installs next to the work. But it also hides a fiction, which is what each viewer imagines when they stand in front of it and look at it attentively, forgetting for a moment everything and everyone.”
With a literary and deeply informative, seductive and personal style, Carlos del Amor offers us a journey through thirty-five works of all time, with special attention to female and Spanish painting. A journey through textures, colors, chiaroscuro, stories, looks, lives, hugs, kisses …, which reveals a kaleidoscope where truth and fiction, art history, imagination and emotion come together.
“Art is a celebration. A painting does not end in what its frame encloses, a painting lives before and after we look at it. The framework limits it and we must cross that border to make its existence continue to skip centuries and lives, and it is renewed with each glance. Each painting is a story, a novel, a story, and that I have tried to reflect on these pages: breaking the frame and expanding the canvas as far as possible.”



Cellar: Cooperativa l’Olivera
Denomination of origin: Costers del Segre.
Varietals: Garnatxa negra, Cabernet sauvignon, Carinyena.
Wine production: Harvested by hand and in small boxes of 10-12 kg, the grapes have fermented“Whole grain” in pigeage deposits — with periodic subsidence of the hat— and at a temperature of 25-28ºC. Raised in tank and rest for a year and a half in the bottle.