La drecera, Miquel Martín Serra and Terra Inika

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  • 1 book: La drecera, Miquel Martín Serra. (Catalan).
  • 1 botle of wine: Terra Indika, Mas Pòlit.
  • 1 bookmark with the explanation of the pairing

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The narrator of this story, just out of childhood, lives in a small village in the Empordà with his parents, who work as farmers in the villa of a wealthy family. Fascinated, he observes the lives of the lords and their children, who inhabit a world inaccessible and increasingly contradictory to him. As the days and seasons go by, he will take a look back at the environment that sees him grow and that seems to be increasingly endangered, threatened by a new model of life. The shortcut describes a missing physical and human landscape, a victim of urban pressure, and vindicates, with a rich language and closely linked to the territory, the roots of a village located between land and sea and offers us, with a delicacy out of the ordinary, an exquisite and subtle account of the transition to adult life.



Cellar: Mas Pòlit.
Denomination of origin: Empordà.
Varietals: Black Garnacha.
Wine production: Vinification in red, controlled fermentation at 25ºC, with fifteen days of maceration. Stainless steel at 15ºC for 21 days. It is then kept in stainless steel vats until bottling.